This post is a great example of how much fun blogging can be. Mostly because for this one I didn’t have to worry about the items shown too much, but enjoy the process instead. You all know Chloë-Dakota Amaranthine, right? I have known her from a while back, when she was my blogger manager for the Makeover room event, but now I have the privilege to be in the same team with her again, for the WLRP event.

So we’ve been talking and thought, why not? Let’s make a picture together. Apart from an amazing blogger, she’s a wonderful person as well. She created a whole scene for our picture from scratch and she had been patient enough to wait for me while I took my time taking the shot. Thank you my sweet Chloë! I had such a wonderful time and I’m looking forward to our next one!

The theme of this picture was two vampires feeding on an innocent human. Therefore we also had the help of Kaiden. I’ve worked once with him before and he’s such a sweetheart. Thank you Kaiden for your assistance and for being our willing dinner even for a few minutes, he he.

Now for this post, even though I don’t consider it a regular blog post, aiming to showcase goodies, a few words are necessary. Both Chloë and I are wearing the YS&YS warrior skin from WLRP, same I used for my previous post which can be found at the WLRP event. Dress is from Candydoll from Memento Mori event and comes with optional blood stains on it. The pose is from Evolove from previous round of Expose, so now can be found at their mainstore.

That would be all for now. Hope everyone is well and have a good day/evening.

PS: Please make sure you check out Chloë’s amazing blog for her version of the picture and her credits, here.

click for full size

HAIR: Tableau Vivant – Eastern wind (gacha common)

SKIN: *YS&YS*  – Warrior @WLRP (NEW!)

DRESS: CandyDoll – Ophelia @Memento Mori (NEW!) (sim is temporarily closed until the 15th)


POSE: [evoLove] – Milk & Coffee 1