Ok, I have managed to catch up with pretty much everything. I love the feeling when, you are so overwhelmed with all the things you have to do and you are so far behind but once you make them, it’s heaven again. Blog-wise I know I wanted to make more than I have made already, but I’ve come to terms with the reality. September was not my month. Five more days to go and goodbye September.

I’m really counting on October. Brings us closer to Christmas, weather changes and it’s all different again. Reality-wise work will always be work and will always be there to stress me and trouble me. I think, on a level, that’s the beauty of it as well. Important thing is I have work to do and it’s going well. That brings me to the message of the day. Be grateful.

I know personally I’m usually grumpy and complaining about everything but I often stop and think about how privileged and lucky I am. People are suffering every day in the world and there are problems bigger than mine. I believe that if all people took a minute and thought about that, this world would be a better place for sure. Ok, enough with my philosophy rambling and let’s get to some fashion.

In this post, I’m wearing the cute dress from Lybra for the Liaison Collaborative event. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the theme of September’s round was Cinema. So every creation in the event, including this one, is themed from an era. Name of the dress is Grace so I’m guessing, Grace Kelly and the ’60s?  The dress is summery breezy and comes in 12 different colors and 3 bonus ones if you buy the fatpack.

Hair is new release from Lelutka. She has created four new hairbase appliers sets for the Lelutka mesh heads. Each hairbase is its own unique look, and comes in the new hair textures released in July in the NV range of styles. You must have a LeLutka mesh head to be able to use this product, but the add-ons/extensions not necessarily. I haven’t tried it yet, but you could experiment with maybe your Catwa heads as well and try tinting the hairbase. The result might not be the same but could be close enough to not be noticed. I did see Moka doing it on her blog using a hairbase from Boon, so I’m guessing it is possible with other hairbases as well. A quick description of the one I’m wearing in this picture, according to Lelutka’s product notecard is: “A ribbon banded behive bun style, with a soft bow at the nape of the neck. The ribbon has 10 texture color options available on the hud. Can be worn with any of the hair-base options in the LeLutka NV range. This style is non rigged, resizing option available via the hud, or can be edited manually.”. Also in case you’re having trouble finding it in the mainstore, don’t go to the hair section of the store. Go to the mesh heads/appliers section and should be there to your left. At least that’s where I got mine from.

That would be all for now. Have a good day/night and be kind to one another.

click for full size

HEAD: LeLutka – SIMONE 1.6

SKIN: itGirls – Natla

HAIR:  LeLutka – A-NV-0003 (NEW!)

DRESS: Lybra – Grace @TLC (NEW!) (ends September 30th)

SHOT IN: Cobble Hill Design Studio – “The Chatham” Salt Box House @On9 (NEW!) (ends September 28th)