It is raining in Athens today. I’m feeling blue but loving it in at the same time. We only get rain for 2-3 months every year so when it finally does, it’s magical! I’m sure if a British person read this now, would probably slap me, I know Jules will sigh as soon as she reads it, hehe, but it is true. I personally enjoy it when it rains, even though Athens is not built or prepared for heavy rain or storms. Matter of time before the streets flood, get slippery, traffic jam is created in seconds, everyone is late for work and chaos takes over the city again. Speaking about chaos,  Greek health system is no better.

I’ve not been very active lately due to a personal family health issue that made it necessary for me to be in the hospital for a couple of days. Everything was supposed to be over by now and back to normal but sadly it is not. No need to bother you will all these, everything will be fine eventually, I only felt I needed to share with you all that I miss blogging and photography so much and I’m trying hard to find the time, but lately there is none. But enough with the drama. Few words about today’s post are also needed.

I’m incredibly amazed by the frequency mesh head creators, design and release their new heads. I know nothing about designing on SL and I don’t know if it’s easier to create a mesh head than a mesh dress for example, but I would assume, it is not.

I think it’s safe to say Catwa and Genesis Labs have been the most productive ones. Both stores release up to 3-4 new heads every month which is something I find very impressive and incredible. I appreciate how committed some people are to their work and how seriously they take it.

Genesis Lab’s most recent release is Keily, mesh head version 2.0 which means all current Genesis appliers work on her. There is a big resemblance to the notorious Kylie Jenner and one can easily see the anagram there. Just rearrange the letters and instead of Keily you get Kylie. Hehe. She’s now available at the new round of Uber, so I highly recommend trying a demo and see what you think of her yourselves.

Yesterday a new pic on Flickr was released, titled K&K which I’m guessing is the Jenner sisters (Kendall and Kylie). Probably GL newest release for the Book of Daniel fundraising event that is due to open in 3 days. Also, Genesis Lab. have blogger application open, so good luck to everyone that will apply.

Genesis Lab. blogger app:  (closes on the 9th)

Have a good day!

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HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Keily 2.0 @Uber (NEW!)

EYES: ARISE – Star Eyes

HAIR: Elikatira – Felicity

POSE: BodyLanguage SLC SS POSE (September Group Gift) (NEW!)