Yes, clothes are off again! Don’t blame me, blame the super amazing Evolove, that created the Moaning series poses for the new round of Expose event. Now can you imagine yourselves posing in them fully clothed? I’m just surprised I did put something on. I’m also glad my parents don’t read my blog. Ha ha.

I enjoy sexy photography in general. Erotica and artistic nudity always catch my attention. The human body is beautifully made and one could do wonders with it. Which is why I’m always impressed by the diverse and unique poses Evolove brings. The Expose event is now open and will stay open until the 27th of October.

Hair is from Alice Project, a previous FLF release. All arm/hands accessories are from Muka, apart from the rings that were also a FLF release from Plastik. The collar is new release from Tabou, which can be found at the new round of Kinky Event and the sexy corset is from CerberusXing (CX) and can be found at Whore Couture which is about to close doors.

That would be all for now lovely readers. Have a beautiful weekend and be kind to one another.

click for full size

HEAD: CATWA – Dyana V4.10

SKIN: L’Etre – Linda

BODY: Slink – Hourglass V1.5.2

HAIR: Alice Project –  Poison II

CORSET: CerberusXing – Risque Corset @Whore Couture (NEW!) (ends October 1st)

BOOTS: CandyDoll – Esme

COLLAR: TABOU – Alice Collar @Kinky Event (NEW!)

ARM STRAP: *MUKA* – Arm Strap


RINGS: Plastik – Derre Rings

BELLY RING: PUNCH – Nyan Belly Piercing

POSE: [evoLove] – Moaning @Expose (NEW!)

Throttle Twist

I’ve always been scared of motorcycles. No particular reason, I’ve never driven nor have I ever had an accident with one. I happen to find bikers generally sexy, male or female, but when I try to imagine me on a motorcycle, I get goosebumps. The idea of being on two wheels, going fast and the possibility of falling down any minute, scares me to the core. Surprisingly I’m not afraid of bicycles so I would only have to assume it is a speed issue.

Jose had the great idea of posing by a motorcycle for his blog post and I figured, perfect, I’ll photobomb him! Surprisingly and interestingly enough, I could have posed on the motorcycle but subconsciously I chose not to. Hehe. My main interest on this post was to show the pose first instead of the apparel. I recently had a conversation with my friend Curtis Trevellion about eTc Poses, the poses store he and his partner Envy Watts, have up and running. I have to admit that with everything going on in my life lately, I haven’t had the chance to stop by and have a look at their work yet, but it’s something I’m planning to do the next days. You will find the link to their store in my credits below. He was kind enough to send me this pose as a gift though so I figured, I should make something with it.

The Annex’ newest release for Suicide Dollz was the perfect fit for the whole styling. It’s shorts and tank tops available for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya, in many colors too. Hair from Analog Dog which I love and the jacket from the Azuchi and Vinyl collaboration from an old Uber round but now should be available in both in-world stores. You can have a look at what Jose is wearing here. Thank you hun for letting me ruin your picture!

That’s all for now. TGIF, hugs for you all and remember to be kind to one another.

click for full size

HEAD: Genesis Lab – Alexis 2.0 @Shiny Shabby (NEW!)

BODY: Slink – Hourglass V1.5.2

HAIR: Analog Dog – Proud Mary

TOP: The Annex – London Tank Top @Suicide Dollz (NEW!)

SHORTS: The Annex – Ginger Booty Shorts @Suicide Dollz (NEW!)

JACKET: Azuchi & Vinyl – Stevie Leather Jacket

GLASSES: Glamistry – Sunglasses PU2001


POSE: eTc Poses – Kneeling 3 (NEW!)


Autumn is real. I live in Athens, Greece, where we don’t get much cold or bad weather in general, but lately it’s been quite chilly and moody. Had rains the previous week and a coat or light jacket is definitely needed. I love this weather change. Was about time. I really enjoy the summer but I’ve mentioned before how it is impossible to do any work or focus on anything other than vacation when it’s hot outside. So yay, the cold is finally here. Jules, who lives in the UK will probably smack me when she reads this, but hey, try to understand, hehe. I wanted to make a picture with a more season’s change-Autumn style and I’m happy I was finally given the opportunity to do so.

click for full size

Evolove boutique’s newest release for the new round of Tres Chic is perfect for this idea. The textures are beautiful and the whole outfit made me think of cold European countries right away. Paris, London, Berlin, you name it, I could totally picture myself there whilst wearing it. The outfit is available in seven colors for Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies. I chose to go with brown, embracing the Autumn vibe. Glasses from ZOOM and bag from Rowne completed the look perfectly. Hair is one of the newest releases from Lelutka that I mentioned on my previous blog post. You can read all the information about it there.

Special thanks to my friend Jose for helping me with this post. You can see what he’s wearing on his blog post. Also you can have a look at his amazing flickr stream here.


That’s all folks. See you all next time, hope everyone is well and remember to be kind to one another.

HEAD: LeLutka – SIMONE 1.6

SKIN: [theSkinnery] – Allana @C88 (NEW!)

HAIR: LeLutka – A-NV-0001 (NEW!)

OUTFIT: [evoLove] – Marta @Tres Chic (NEW!)

SUNGLASSES: [Z O O M] –  Sunsoul Glasses

BAG: Rowne.A.u – Dix Leather Bag (gacha common)


POSE: [j.M poses] – Stay with me (first picture)

POSE: [evoLove] – Summer 01 (second picture)


No. This is definitely not an ordinary blog picture. This is when blogging meets art, I guess. A very personally defined art. I recently read some posts, about how blog pictures should be only barely edited and only show the clothes in specific windlight which caught my attention as a)a lot of people got involved in it making it a debate and b)I’m one of those bloggers that are struggling, trying to figure out what a)viewers and b)designers want to finally see.

I found the post completely reasonable, as the point of it was clear. Customers should be able to see the product clearly, not altered from heavy editing or distorted by avatar positioning. But my question regarding that would be, what are vendor images and demos for? All designers/creators post at least one vendor/ad picture of the product on their social media and the event so everyone should be able to see what the product looks like before purchase. What are bloggers for then? Well, in my opinion, bloggers are used to show something different. Show their own personal styling using one specific product, show their creativity and imagination and even sometimes, their art. They’re also used as a great advertisement as well, depending on how big their fan base is but that is a totally different subject.

Whether it’s my poor Photoshop skills or my limited free time, I try not to spend too much time editing my pictures or going too far with it. I do follow the rule, that in most cases less is better. I have also realized that the better the raw image is the less editing it will need. This is why I try to spend more time in taking a good snapshot, improving my photography and then only touching it up on Photoshop or BeFunky. But everyone needs something to make them different from the others. Everyone needs to find their niche and that one thing that will make them stand out.

Personally I’m still trying to find mine, which explains my constant look changes and picture differences. It’s useless as I end up hating everything I make. But I definitely know LOTD (Look Of The Day) blogging is something I cannot do. Standing there in front of an empty wall, hands down, looking like a mannequin and just changing outfits, is something that would eventually make me get bored of blogging and quit. If there’s one thing I love about this whole experience is having to use my head, trying to come up with something different, something interesting, something that would catch the viewer’s attention. I always aim for diversity. Do I always succeed? No, but I have so much fun doing it. It’s so challenging having an idea in your head and making a picture of it using specific tools. Yes, always keeping in mind that showcasing the “sponsored” products is the main interest but sometimes, the whole picture does that for you.

I believe everyone should be free to do what they feel like in their images and say whatever they feel like saying on their blogs. It’s their platform to express their feelings, creativity and imagination anyways, so they have every right to do so. Besides, it is up to each and every single one of us to appreciate, like or dislike one’s work. So try not to think of what designers like or want to see first but focus on what you want to make. If they have chosen you to work with, it means they have faith in your work. If not, yes, bummer, but remember how much fun you had doing it and how, even for a few minutes, you loved the result.

This was the case with this post’s image. Maybe I’m influenced by Halloween which is close (even though we don’t celebrate it in Greece) or I’m just too excited about the upcoming Nightmare and Salem events that open on Saturday. The dress from Lybra for Shiny Shabby September round, inspired me for something dark and witch-y. I’m sure it’s not what Natzuka had in mind when she created it, but I couldn’t help it. Hair is from Runaway inspired by the Enchantress from the Suicide Squad movie and can be found at the We Love Roleplay event for a couple more days. Pose and props are all from Glitterati which can be found in the marketplace, among other amazing creations of her, perfect for photography.

Highly recommended: The picture is best viewed whilst listening to the Castle by Halsey.

That would be all for now, catch you all next time. Have a good day/night and be kind to one another.

click for full size

HEAD: CATWA – Sarah V4.10

HAIR: Runaway – Enchantress Hair @WLRP (NEW!) (ends September 30th)

SKIN: Glam Affair – Olivia (past Epiphany exclusive)

DRESS: Lybra – Giulia @Shiny Shabby (NEW!)

TATTOO: Nanika – Luna @On9 (NEW!) (ends September 28th)



Bon mot

Bon mot

noun [bon moh]

a witty remark or comment; clever saying; witticism.

That’s the definition that can be found online for “bon mot”. Now if you’re wondering how is that relevant to this post, it’s not. But I don’t care. I wanted to share, hehe. I’ve always admired people that are able to use their mind and talk back to me. I consider myself a brat, but in a sense of not being a conformist and follow the trends or believe everything everyone tells me, blindly. I also enjoy annoying people, every now and then, but only those that can actually take a joke and give one back. I’m sorry but it’s only fun. Those who know me, know that I mean well and not offending anybody, at least never intentionally. My bestie Jules, is surely one of the wittiest people I’ve ever met. One of the reasons why we’re so close for all these years is how we both make a fool of ourselves, yet with class and dignity and then joke about it. She’s also one of the few people I know that can listen to my jokes and all the nasty things I will tell about her, laugh with them and then return the “compliments” back to me,  and even better ones. So yes, if there is a message in today’s post, that would be, stop taking life or yourselves too seriously and try to joke and smile more. Life is better when you’re laughing.

A few words about tonight’s post are also necessary. The corset is from the Annex store, available in many colors and for Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies. The tattoo is from Nanika and is my favorite of all her releases so far. Both can be found in the new round of Tres Chic. The decor consists of a few gacha items from Glam Affair Home for previous Chapter Four event, apart from the beautiful Winerycab Radio “dresser” which is an old release by Thor. I really don’t know if it is actually called a dresser or a cabinet, so feel free to correct me in the comments. The picture was taken, once again, in the new house by Cobble Hill Design Studio which you can find in the On9 September round.

That’s all for now lovely readers, have a good day/night wherever you are and be kind to one another.

click for full size


HEAD: CATWA – Dyana V4.10

SKIN: Insol – Mia @Tres Chic (NEW!)


BODY: Slink – Hourglass V1.5.2

LINGERIE: The Annex – Amber @Tres Chic (NEW!)

TATTOO: Nanika – Autumn Dream @Tres Chic (NEW!)

SHOES: ArisAris – AryArt Stilletos @On9 (NEW!) (ends September 28th)

POSE: Body Language SLC – SS POSE Coastline Bonus Point (bonus poses that come with the fatpack) @Kustom9 (NEW!) (slightly modified)


SHOT IN: Cobble Hill Design Studio – “The Chatham” Salt Box House @On9 (NEW!) (ends September 28th)

Glam Affair Home – Natuurlijk Bed (gacha rare) (past TCF gacha)

Glam Affair Home – Natuurlijk Vase (gacha common) (past TCF gacha)

Glam Affair Home – Natuurlijk Chair (gacha common) (past TCF gacha)

Glam Affair Home – Natuurlijk Arrow Cube (gacha common) (past TCF gacha)

Glam Affair Home – Natuurlijk Picture (gacha common) (past TCF gacha)

THOR: The Winerycab Radio


Ok, I have managed to catch up with pretty much everything. I love the feeling when, you are so overwhelmed with all the things you have to do and you are so far behind but once you make them, it’s heaven again. Blog-wise I know I wanted to make more than I have made already, but I’ve come to terms with the reality. September was not my month. Five more days to go and goodbye September.

I’m really counting on October. Brings us closer to Christmas, weather changes and it’s all different again. Reality-wise work will always be work and will always be there to stress me and trouble me. I think, on a level, that’s the beauty of it as well. Important thing is I have work to do and it’s going well. That brings me to the message of the day. Be grateful.

I know personally I’m usually grumpy and complaining about everything but I often stop and think about how privileged and lucky I am. People are suffering every day in the world and there are problems bigger than mine. I believe that if all people took a minute and thought about that, this world would be a better place for sure. Ok, enough with my philosophy rambling and let’s get to some fashion.

In this post, I’m wearing the cute dress from Lybra for the Liaison Collaborative event. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the theme of September’s round was Cinema. So every creation in the event, including this one, is themed from an era. Name of the dress is Grace so I’m guessing, Grace Kelly and the ’60s?  The dress is summery breezy and comes in 12 different colors and 3 bonus ones if you buy the fatpack.

Hair is new release from Lelutka. She has created four new hairbase appliers sets for the Lelutka mesh heads. Each hairbase is its own unique look, and comes in the new hair textures released in July in the NV range of styles. You must have a LeLutka mesh head to be able to use this product, but the add-ons/extensions not necessarily. I haven’t tried it yet, but you could experiment with maybe your Catwa heads as well and try tinting the hairbase. The result might not be the same but could be close enough to not be noticed. I did see Moka doing it on her blog using a hairbase from Boon, so I’m guessing it is possible with other hairbases as well. A quick description of the one I’m wearing in this picture, according to Lelutka’s product notecard is: “A ribbon banded behive bun style, with a soft bow at the nape of the neck. The ribbon has 10 texture color options available on the hud. Can be worn with any of the hair-base options in the LeLutka NV range. This style is non rigged, resizing option available via the hud, or can be edited manually.”. Also in case you’re having trouble finding it in the mainstore, don’t go to the hair section of the store. Go to the mesh heads/appliers section and should be there to your left. At least that’s where I got mine from.

That would be all for now. Have a good day/night and be kind to one another.

click for full size

HEAD: LeLutka – SIMONE 1.6

SKIN: itGirls – Natla

HAIR:  LeLutka – A-NV-0003 (NEW!)

DRESS: Lybra – Grace @TLC (NEW!) (ends September 30th)

SHOT IN: Cobble Hill Design Studio – “The Chatham” Salt Box House @On9 (NEW!) (ends September 28th)

Break Time…

The past few months for me have been intense in my Virtual life, blogging almost daily for a few months now, aswell as some personal journeys I have taken and it is time for me to take some well-earned and much needed time off, only a week so I can focus on things that have fallen by the way side, like the horrific mess my inventory has become of late (I can imagine Exis laughing at that fact), and for someone who is very ocd about being organised this becomes overwhelming lol.

Time to decorate my new house I’ve had for a couple of weeks yet not finished and time to chill out and have some fun, explore all the wonderful sims and go through tutorials in order for me to grow and learn more for my photography.

To say I am excited at the prospect is an understatement lol I am not disappearing, I will still be posting pictures and be around on Flickr etc as I experiment with new ideas etc I just will not be blogging the same way this next week.  You will however still have the amazing pictures and blogs of my partner in crime Exis so no worries there.

Have a great Saturday everyone ♥



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5


SKIN:  Bold & Beauty :: Natasha (Catwa Applier) – Medium.

EYESHADOW:  Bold & Beauty :: Natasha&Kristina

LIPSTICK:  Bold & Beauty :: Natasha&Kristina

EYES:  MESANGE – Human Soul Eyes  @ Lost&Found (NEW)

HAIR:  ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Charli.

BODYSUIT:  Addams // Rebecca BodySuit // (September Group Gift)

LEGWARMERS:  =Zenith=Vintage Lace Legwarm(all colors) – @ Tres Chic (NEW)

TATTOO:  [Ephemeral-Senor] @ Hashtag Fair (NEW)


BODY:  Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.3

HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Justin V4.10

HAIR:  RAW HOUSE :: Wolf [DkBrown 01]

TROUSERS:  [Deadwool] Corduroy pants – black

EYES:  CATWA Basic Eye -Light Brown

TATTOO:  -7P-Beckham Tattoo Appliers

POSE:  .Zuli. Hold Me Close @ Pose Lover & Friends (NEW until 25th September)

TGIF.. who is ready for the weekend?

Woot Friday has finally arrived, how can a week go so quick yet feel like it’s been so long lol.  I am so ready for the weekend, I may even participate in a glass of wine or two.   Been a good week for me, sometimes I’ve felt a little like I don’t know if I am coming or going but not in such a bad way lol busy times are good ones.

It’s been a beautiful day here in the UK, sun was out for a change and I am in a great mood, got to shop with my bestie Exis this morning we love Fridays even more when we get to run around like Crazy women for FLF Friday lol.

Today’s post was also a lot of fun to create, not only did I get to dress up in the sexy lingerie by Birdy which is gacha at The Arcade but I got to also blog some of my recent purchases of Décor by the talented designers Body Language, Tarte and Zen Creations.

Happy Friday everyone ♥


BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5


SKIN:  Insol: Face ‘Marcela’ -ST05 ‘Chocolate’

EYES:  MESANGE – Melusine Eyes 5 @ Designer Circle (NEW)

HAIR:  .Entwined. Dani @ Book of Daniel (NEW)

BRA:  Birdy – Boudoir – Bra –  Black @ The Arcade (NEW)

PANTIES:  Birdy – Boudoir – Panties – Black @ The Arcade (NEW)

TATTOO:  Arabic Tattoos – Like a Diamond (NEW)

POSE:  8+ [octoplus]// Sexy Girl 15 @ Pose Lover & Friends (New until 25th September)


BED:  tarte. kendall bed (Previous Luxe May )

DRESSER:  13:[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Drawer(W) Gacha @ Main Store

CHAIR:  04:[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Arm Chair(W) ) Gacha @ Main Store

OTTOMAN:  06:[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Ottoman(W) Gacha @ Main Store

PICTURES:  Zen Creations:  Live, Love, Laugh Wall Art (Tan)

Salt Box

On my Boudoir post I mentioned how challenging and interesting blogging a skybox is. Also, how time consuming! Clearly, I didn’t learn my lesson and had to challenge myself with something different this time. A whole house!

Yes, Cobble Hill Design Studio participates in this round of On9 with a quite big, very beautiful, American architecture house, with a land impact of 98 prims. I realize that blogging it properly would mean, decorating it inside and out, taking a series of pictures and showing them all, but I’m afraid that was not possible with the limited free time that I currently have. A couple of my next posts have been taken in this house though, so you will be able to see parts of the house, at least separately. You can always have a look at it at the event so you can also get a better idea of what it looks like as a whole.

I had a small conversation with the designer Blake Panache, as I was interested to know what motivates and inspires architecture designers like him. Interestingly enough, most of Blake’s creations are more American in origin and apart from architecture he has also designed some decor. He enjoys building the houses he always drove past as a kid that are now gone. Then finds a style and makes it like he would want to live in it. His mainstore is currently under construction but open for everyone to visit and shop.

The lovely dress I’m wearing is from Lybra and can be found at the Crossroads available in many colors. There is a color changing belt option hud but since I was feeling moody when I shot this picture, I decided to go all black. Lybra also offers a beautiful necklace as a gift for this round of the event, and we all love gifts, so don’t forget to get it. The tattoo is from Nanika for the Cosmetic Fair. Her designs, especially her most recent ones are just breathtaking.

That would be all for now, happy pre-TGIF to everyone and see you all next time. Until then, be good to one another and take care.

click for full size

HEAD: fiore – Soft Mesh Head (2.1)

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

HAIR: little bones – Mia

EARRING: Zaara – Atiriya

DRESS: Lybra – Ania @The Crossroads (NEW!) (ends September 28th)

TATTOO: Nanika – Azhur @Cosmetic Fair (NEW!) (ends September 30th)


Cobble Hill Design Studio – “The Chatham” Salt Box House @On9 (NEW!) (ends September 28th)

Autumn Leaves…

I really love all the new pictures fellow photographers and bloggers are taking of the gorgeous new Autumn décor and Sims that are now out to see and explore.   I love Autumn colours and I am truly excited to begin exploring all the wonderful sights we have to see in SL.

Today I started with the gorgeous Elysion sim which is looking so beautiful with its autumn décor, colours, leaves, it even has an orchard which I plan to go back to later, so much to see, so little time to do it in lol but I highly recommend a visit, even if you’re not a photographer and just enjoy beautiful sims to explore I challenge anyone not to love this one as much I did.

Have a great evening everyone ♥


BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HAIR:  /Wasabi Pills/ Juliana Mesh Hair (FLF Exclusive)

JACKET:  .:villena:. – Denim Jacket – Light Blue @ Kustom9 (NEW)

SHORTS:  .:villena:. – Distressed Shorts (M) – Light Blue @ Uber (NEW)

POSE:  [evoLove] – Laurie – Boxed @ Pose Lover & Friends (NEW)

SIM:  Elysion