The Sub

Oh gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Let me start this post by congratulating and thanking Jules for keeping this blog running with her amazing posts and wonderful ideas. Unofficially I felt like I had to take a small break, even though I didn’t go anywhere. So knowing she’s here, prepared and ready to post something for you all, every day, made me stress less.

My birthday was this week and I also felt that my SL had taken over my RL, so it was very important for me to stop for a while. I can’t complain though. This has resulted in me resting a lot plus making me miss blogging even more. So hopefully, I will come back, stronger and better!

This post is for the Fetish Fair event that opened on the 19th of August and will stay open until the 2nd of September. Lybra participates and sponsors the event with this rawr outfit so I knew I couldn’t help but making a picture in it. Of course I had the wonderful help of the super talented Tyler De’Leon who also made the pose you see in the picture.

I’m afraid that’s all from me at the moment. My friend Rora Tigerpaw opens her art gallery in a couple of hours and I need to go get ready for it. You can click here for more info about it. I will see you all there, yes?

Big hugs to everyone. Have a wonderful night.

HEAD: CATWA – Annie 4.9

BODY: Maitreya– Lara V3.5


OUTFIT: Lybra – Sonya @Fetish Fair (NEW!)

GLOVES/BOOTS: Moon Elixir – Lush

2 Replies to “The Sub”

  1. […] post is dedicated to my buddy Tyler De’Leon. Perhaps, you remember him from my The Sub post. What you probably don’t know yet, is that Tyler now has his own poses store called […]


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