The princess filter

One of my favorite things about working with the On9 team, is the variety. It’s an event that hosts all sorts of products and new, well-designed releases, from clothes and hairs to furniture and decor.

As you probably know by now, or have noticed, I’m not a decor blogger. I’m very confident that decor needs editorial images, where all products are showcased beautifully. You know, the kind of pictures you stare at for hours and hours, wondering how is it possible that a person made that? Well that is a skill set I have yet to discover and work on.What I can do though, is pose and look pretty, on the furniture.

In SL, there are all sorts of bloggers. There are the LOTD (Look Of The Day) ones, that basically stand and showcase the outfit, there are the decor and furniture ones, where you barely see any avatars, only beautiful windlights, landscapes and furniture of course, there are the artistic ones, usually tend to do more Photoshop work on their pictures and create art through their pictures whilst doing their best to showcase the products as well. There are a bunch of other categories.

I’m not one to put labels. No way. But the categories are inevitable and kind of happen by result. I believe all bloggers, sort of, put themselves in one as soon as they find their niche! Besides what’s beautiful, popular and what people want it’s up to every single one of us to decide.

So one of the lovely furniture you’ll find in this round of On9, is this sofa created by Shutter Field. It has very good detailed textures and you can tell it’s good designing. Now the challenging part for me was to showcase it, in order for you all to have an idea of what it looks like, apart from the vendor images. I hope I made a good job. I know filters and windlights definitely helped. So while playing with them, I sort of created my own windlight which I also decided to call “Princess” for no particular reason at all. Probably the lovely updo from no.match had something to do with it. Hehe.

Have a good day!

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HEAD: CATWA – Amelie V4.9 (NEW!)


EARRINGS/RING: Kunglers – Aphrodite @On9 (NEW!)

DRESS: PurpleMoon – Evelyn @On9 (NEW!)

SOFA: Shutter Field – Industrial Sofa @On9 (NEW!)