Temptation knocks…Imagination answers…

Have I mentioned how warm it has been in Athens lately?

The last couple of days, temperature has risen up to 45 Celsius degrees (113 for the American readers) and it is just insufferable. Everyone is advised to stay home, use air conditioning, drink a lot of water etc, but that is not possible when you actually have to go to work, is it?

In fact, that makes it even worse, as this weather is not made for people to go to work. It’s impossible to stay in the office, concentrate and actually do any work when it’s so hot outside. Instead, you want to be at the beach, sunbathing and swimming like there’s no tomorrow.

I often hear rumors about how Greeks are lazy, don’t want to work or do anything apart from drink coffee and smoke cigarettes all day. Well lately, I’m sorry, I’m one of them. I just can’t sit down when I’m melting like an ice-cream in my chair. I don’t smoke but the iced coffees (some of you might have heard about frappe before or even tried it) are more important to me now than even water. Lol.

Anyways, enough with RL and back to SL. You’ve all heard and read about the huge Belleza update, right? I had purchased all 3 of the Belleza bodies 2 months ago and unfortunately I never got to use them before. Sometimes when you’re changing from one outfit to another it’s so convenient to just wear the mesh body you had on already. But Lara has been worn out. Time to give her a break.

  I like all 3 versions (Isis, Freya and Venus). Difference between them, I’d say, is the curves. Breasts and thighs. Curvy, perfect, but not too perfect, I believe they can definitely meet every lady’s personal style and interest. If you’re interested in reading more about the update, I recommend checking out Daria’s amazing post about it.

Lybra has given me a great opportunity to start using them since she participates in the new round of Cosmo with lingerie (I never say no to blogging lingerie and doing sexy poses in them – not so sure if that reflects badly on my personality or not, lol), appliers, for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies.

So if you’re interested in sexing it up a little and in your “Bellezas”, you definitely have a nice option here.

Have a good day everyone!

click for full size

HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Julia 2.0 (gacha rare)

BODY: Belleza – Isis (V2 – LITE) (Updated)

HAIR: DeLa – Corinna

LINGERIE: Lybra – Victoria @Cosmopolitan (NEW!)


POSE: [Gos & oOo] – Pouffe