“Focus on the journey, not the destination”

I’ve recently read about the ON9 photo contest and I was very interested! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a look at this .

To a young blogger like me, all contests sound exciting but scary too. At least big ones where you’re competing against legendary bloggers.

I have been blogging for nearly 3 months now and I can tell I’m growing and enjoying every single part of it. I do feel restricted sometimes, as showcasing a specific product can be challenging and there are rules about it, which makes sense, but this time I didn’t have that in mind.

As soon as I saw some of the big bloggers taking part in this contest I was discouraged. My first thought was, ok, no way you’re going to win this. Just move on. But then I thought, this is not how this is supposed to be. We’re all a big amazing community. We’re all working together and we’re helping each other. We have the same cause and united we can also do a lot of good (recent example all the money that has been raised for the Orlando victims). Yes competing too but there should be no hatred or envy or bad feelings involved.

And as always, what matters is the journey, not the destination.

So good luck to me and good luck to all my fellow bloggers taking part in this contest.

Be good everyone 💜

click for full size

HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Summer 2.0 @SUMMERFEST ’16 (NEW!)

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5



MONOKINI: Erratic – natasha monokini (LUXEBOX JUNE 2016)


WATCH & BRACELETS (left hand): *PetroFF* – Orbit Watch and Bracelets @ON9 (NEW!)

BRACELET (right hand): E.A.Studio – Mordrem Cuff @ON9 (NEW!)

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