Effective Frequency

“In advertising, the effective frequency is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made and before exposure is considered wasteful.

The subject on effective frequency is quite controversial. Many people have their own definition on what this word means. There are also numerous studies with their own theories or models as to what the correct number is for effective frequency.”


I visited the new Jersey Shore event and was happy to come across the new release of SlackGirl. Beautiful eyeshadows (for Catwa, Lelutka and Logo/Omega) plus gems that you can edit, to use beneath your eyes and make them look even more glamorous and pretty.

At first, I figured I’d do a simple close up shot, so you ladies could see how beautiful they really are. Then I remembered that theory about effective frequency and thought, why not, let’s make a bunch. Theory might be true but, in my case, I only had to look at the make up once to know that I want it, like any other product made from SlackGirl.

Amara Beauty released this gorgeous skin for Catwa Mesh Heads (designed for Alice and Annie but I’d recommend trying demo in case you’re using different catwa mesh head) at the new We < 3 RolePlay round and combined with Damselfly’s newest release at the same event, the result was sublime.

Happy shopping and please let me know if theory is true. ❤

click for full size


HEAD: CATWA – Alice V4.9

HAIR: Damselfly – Saylor @WE<3RP (NEW!)

SKIN: Amara Beauty – Riley (TOFFEE) @WE<3RP (NEW!)

MAKE-UP: SlackGirl – Khelly Eyeshadow @JERSEY SHORE (NEW!)

GEMS: SlackGirl – Khelly Gems @JERSEY SHORE (NEW!)

EYES: SlackGirl – Cute Pie Special ED @JERSEY SHORE (only for 10L$)