“Survive now, Cry later…”

I need to tell you about my recent experience with Flickr safety filters. For those who don’t know, Flickr filters all posts in order to make it a safe environment for everyone. Makes perfect sense. Now, what is considered safe, moderate or restricted, is up to everyone’s tastes, likes and behavior I guess.

I recently posted a picture I was in lingerie, nothing explicit shown, only an image you might as well see in a fashion magazine or even on TV. Someone apparently reported it as unsafe (I’m sorry that my bare arm offended you) and that resulted into my whole stream changing to moderate by flickr staff.

At first I thought, ok, even better in case I forget to change my safety options in the future. Then, I realized that, every picture I had spent hours posting on flickr, adding to groups and all of my work basically, had been removed from the groups that don’t allow moderate images.

I believe you can guess my frustration. I didn’t cry, but I was about to. Did I get a warning before that happened? No. Flickr staff did contact my right away, asking me to change my safety levels for certain images, which I did and everything is back to normal now, but oh my gosh, that surely stressed me out and would have saved me so much trouble if I had been given a heads up first.

Anyways, I would like to dedicate this fully clothed, sad picture to the person(s) I might have offended. Please know I’m not doing porn, it’s not who I am. If I look too sexy in some images, thank you, but that is probably the pose and the feeling I get out of it. If it insulted your taste, I apologize, but next time, let me know about it and I’ll fix it for you.

Thank you Slack Girl for these beautiful tears (what an oxymoron phrase!).

Be good everyone.

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HEAD: CATWA – Sarah V4.9

HAIR: Rezology – Tossed Behind

SKIN: Bold & Beauty – Chloe

TEARS: SlackGirl – I Cry! (Available for CATWA / Omega / Classic SL)

SWEATER: Pixicat – Cozy Sweater

SOCKS: {sallie} – Knit Over the Knee Socks @Pulse.Fundraiser



“Every day is a new beginning.  Take a deep breath and start again”

Today’s post is titled Mesange after a great new store we have the good fortune of working with.   They have a multitude of eyes that come in Standard, Mesh and Omega as well as the Beauty Packs having Genesis Head appliers for the Genesis Head lovers out there.  Today’s eyes are Poison Ivy and I must say was hard to choose which colour I wanted to wear first because there is so many to choose from.   If you haven’t visited the store yet, please do, you won’t be disappointed.   Enjoy ♥



HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.9

EYES:  MESANGE – Poison Ivy Eyes 6

SKIN:  Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Viktoria – India @ C88 (NEW until July 6th)

HAIR:  Exile:: Say It @ Summerfest (NEW)

LIP GLOSS:  .kosmetik – Lip Gloss.red

POSE:  Body Language Close Up!! Hand and Face2 GroupB



“Censorship in any form is the enemy of creativity, since it cuts off the life blood of creativity: Ideas”

Alian Jenkins

Now that I’ve gotten this out of my system I can move on, lol.

The unstoppable SlackGirl creates products every day so I had to share her new eyeshadows (available for Catwa, Omega and Classic SL heads) with you.

Be good everyone.

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HEAD: CATWA – Annie 4.9

SKIN: Bold & Beauty – Renata @PULSE.FUNDRAISER

HAIR: Bold & Beauty – Eden (GACHA COMMON)

EYESHADOWS: SlackGirl – Jasmin Shadow (NEW!)

EYES: SlackGirl– CutePieSpecial ED

LASHES: SlackGirl– LashColl15

BRA: FDD Stories – Leeka bra – Fantasy GACHA RARE@TFC (NEW!)


“Love’s pure silver flames gives each inner most spirit invisible warmth”

I’ve called todays post “Warmth” as that’s the name of the Pose created by the new and awesome store Just Another Pose Store, they have a multitude of poses I can’t wait to use and share with all of you.  J.A.P.S as you may see them also referred as,  are a new sponsor for Exis and I and we are so looking forward to working with them.

Another reason for the name warmth is because curling up to a loved one like showcased in this pose will fill you with warmth, love and happiness, well it did me but then I was lucky enough to get my gorgeous Fiancé Lucifer to pose with me.  Big thanks to him for his time and patience, not just for this pose but for all the poses ahead lol, good job he loves me huh ♥  Enjoy and don’t forget to check the store out you won’t be disappointed.




HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.9

SKIN:  Egozy.Shenty

BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

SHORTS:  *COCO*_LinenShorts(White)_ @ Shiny Shabby (NEW)

TOP:  *COCO*_SleevelessSheerTop(White)_ @Shiny Shabby (NEW)

HAIR:  +elua+ Tricia_Darkbrown



BODY:  TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body



TOP:   Deadwool – Henley shirt

JEANS:   Deadwool – Wornout jeans

TATTOO:   7P – Cyberpunk tattoo

POSE:   [Just Another Pose Store] Warmth

SIM:  it all starts with a smile


“Life is better in flip flops”

This could be me over the weekend. But no, not likely to happen. So much work to do and no time for relaxing (yet) but, hey, I’m not complaining.

This will be my last addition to the Hair Fair Contest 2016. I really enjoyed working on these projects and I wish good luck to everyone participating.

It was also a great opportunity to wear Azuchi’s lovely swimsuit (I’ve been looking forward to wearing/blogging it) and also, Wasabi Pills’ cute hair.

If you go to the beach this weekend though, please don’t let me know! Lol.

Have fun everyone and be good


click for full size

HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Summer_2.0 @SUMMERFEST’16 (NEW!)

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

SWIMSUIT: Azuchi – Emily @TLC (NEW!)

HAIR: Wasabi Pills – Trixie @SUMMERFEST’16 (NEW!)

POSE: BodyLanguage SLC – BackShot!! Group A

SIM: Khaled


“Sameness is the mother of disgust, variety the cure”

Francesco Petrarch

I don’t necessarily agree with that statement. Works for me at the moment though.

A new poses store is here and might be “Just Another Pose Store” or JAPS but I happen to find it very good! Who doesn’t want to have a variety of poses to take pictures in? Is it always possible? No, but desirable? Yes. In JAPS store you’ll find plenty of couples poses, some cute and some kind of naughty, so I think you will definitely get what you’re looking for.

Time to grab your special someones and get your cameras out people. I didn’t have a special someone available so I grabbed the lovely and so kind Scotty instead. He’d been so patient and so helpful, I’ll be forever grateful! Thank you so much sweetheart!

You can have a look at JAPS mainstore here


click for full size


HEAD: CATWA – Sarah V4.9

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

SKIN: L’Etre – Sarah (Cotton)

HAIR: Tableau Vivant – Yoann @SUMMERFEST’16 (NEW!)

LINGERIE: Erratic – Delice

SHOES: Phedora – Malena (GROUP GIFT)






TATTOO: Letis – Dragon


JAPS – Take Charge




“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart”

Today’s post is in honour of the awesome makeup by Kosmetik, I am not known for close up head shots normally but when I’m using such lovely makeup I feel its nice to be shown up close so the wonderful colours and details can truly be seen.  If you haven’t already tried their makeup I highly recommend it, it goes perfectly on my Catwa head, I have used on both my Jessica and Candy so far, it really compliments the gorgeous Kosmetik eyes I am wearing too, I love it and I am sure you will too….Enjoy….I did ♥



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5


SKIN:  Insol: Face ‘Daria’; -ST05 ‘Chocolate’

EYES:  .kosmetik Brazen.eyes BLUE

EYESHADOW:  .kosmetik – Eyeshadow.tropics

LIPSTICK:  .kosmetik – Liquid Lipstick.pink suede (NEW)

HAIR:  .Entwined. Jessica @ Shiny Shabby (NEW)

NECKLACE/BRACELET:  **RE** Anya’s Pearls

POSE:  Body Language – Close Up!! Hand and Face2 GroupB  11



(n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

I have never been a great fan of the rain myself. I’m sure it has to do with where I come from, Greece is not the rainiest country you can find, but when it rains, I’m desperately trying to find shelter. Maybe I was a cat in my other life. Ha!

I have to admit, there are times, when at home, with a nice warm beverage in hand, and it’s raining heavily outside, that feel amazing. There is definitely something about the rain. Whether it is melancholy or just sadness, the fact alone that it makes me feel something, works for me.

This is kind of what I tried to capture with this picture. Success or failure, up to you. I know I enjoyed the process of making it.

PS: If you still haven’t heard about the Hair Fair contest, have a look at this.


click for full size

HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Charly 2.0 @SHINY SHABBY (NEW!)

HAIR: Exile – Say It @SUMMERFEST ’16 (NEW!)

JACKET: Pixicat – London Jacket

POSE: BodyLanguage SLC – Night Breeze for Portrait (Group A)

SIM: Rainy Alley


“I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination”

But can you blame me?

Some clothes are just designed for certain pictures and moments. That was the case with me when I got my hands on the new bodysuit made from Azuchi. Combined with Exile’s new hair (which I can’t get off of my head, I just like it too much) my reaction was rawrrrr…So the cat woman poses from Pose It were just the only thing I needed.

click for full size

HEAD: CATWA – Annie 4.9

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

SKIN: L’Etre – Linda [Chocolata)

HAIR: Exile – Soak Up The Sun @SUMMERFEST ’16 (NEW!)

BODYSUIT: Azuchi – Crystal Bodysuit @TFC (NEW!)

POSE: Pose It – Cat Woman Crawling

SIM: Khaled

Morning Breeze

“Cool morning breeze and pearl dew drops, waving green leaves and flowers blossom, all bring joy and say, to start a happy new day”

It’s amazing how good you feel when you wake after a good night’s sleep, I am very much the night owl and sleep little most days, I’m of the view life is too short to spend it sleeping, I like to live my days to the fullest, however occasionally I listen to my body and sleep a full night and I wake refreshed and ready for the challenges of the days and week ahead.

Feeling good this morning, coffee in hand (yes it’s always a must lol) I sat and thought where to take a picture today and what to wear, well after my shopping spree yesterday at Eaters Coma store I figured that’s the perfect choice.  They had an awesome sale on so of course I was buying like there is no tomorrow lol I love this store, its full of my kind of clothes, comfy and cute and its really good quality.   The sale is on 24th June – 15th July so check it out, just don’t forget your wallet I guarantee you will buy, buy, buy lol.  I called by the elua store sim to sit on the beach, have you ever checked this sim out, not only does it have the store amazing hair which yes I think I have bought almost all of but there is a gorgeous sim to explore.

Sitting in the morning breeze, in a gorgeous sim, wearing comfy cute clothes and coffee in hand… what better way to start another week.   Happy Monday everyone ♥



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.9

SKIN:  Egozy.Shenty

HAIR:  +elua+ Tricia_Darkbrown

EYES:  .ARISE. Rema Eyes / Grey MESH L

T-SHIRT:  Eaters Coma – T-shirt w/ waist tied shirt / Pink

LEGGINGS:  Eaters Coma – Triple Striped Leggings / Gray

SHOES:  REIGNxFLITE– Classics – Quilted PACK

SIM:  +elua+ store Sim